Britsma™ is a multidisciplinary Corporation with company divisions specializing in Retail-Fashion-Hospitality-Entertainment Planning, Design and Branding, and Domains Purveyors with a forward thinking on creative ideas for excellence and maximum results! Part of The S/M/A Group International.

Britsma™ divisions:


Our Team Division specializing in the Planning and Design of:

  • Fashion Retail Stores
  • Duty Free Stores
  • Liquor stores
  • Restaurants, Diners, Cafès, Hotels and Clubs
  • Shopping Centers Food Courts and Tenant Coordination
  • Airport Terminals and Train Stations Retail/Duty-Free Concourses
  • Medical Clinics
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Since 1980, our division team has been exclusively specializing in the Planning, Design, Branding, Lighting, Showcases and Effective Merchandising of Jewelry Stores and Watch Boutiques via our On-Target, On-Time and On-Budget forward thinking of 'Retail success by Design.

We invite you to expand your horizons beyond your nose and join our team to 'Dare to be Different'®  We-know-Retail ● We-R-Retail® ● 

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Our Retail Directory that since 1979 has been helping via promotions International Brands, product manufacturers, retailers and National Associations to meet their consumer targets.

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The brainchild of our President, a proud Torontonian!

This is our Toronto based Team telling the story of our beloved home town, promoting all there is about our multucultured multiethnic community of Toronto and the GTA, fellow Torontonians and Toronto Businesses!

We live and breath Toronto and we want the world to know all about it and inviting all to visit us and experience first hand! our wonderful city, our World's best Jewel.  #Toronto #GTA #BeTorontoHappy #DiscoverToronto #SeeTorontoNow or CLICK on the link image below.


Since the opening up of the internet to the broad public, we have been using our experience with consumers worldwide and used our forward thinking to collect some of the world's most simple, creative and exciting brand domains, few of which have found interesting owners who used them for their business ventures' success.

Perhaps you too can join their exclussive club and meet their success with one of our current domains available for sale or allow our creative team to help you develop your customized one that will maximize your own brand's exposure! Not always a three lettrs word can lead to success. Its all up to the perseption we can create for your brand, using our team's psychological and consumer targeting analysis!#Branding #KISSprinciple #SimplicityIsTheKey #SuccessbyDesign or CLICK on the link image below. 


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